Cigarette and Cigar Smoke Removal/Cleaning Services


Whether you’ve just hosted a party with friends who are smokers, or you’ve got family members that smoke: the accumulated smoke in the house can become very difficult for just about anyone. Contrary to the popular notion, smoking isn’t just injurious to the smokers but for everyone around them. According to the American Lung Association, almost 80% of lung cancer deaths are caused by various kinds of smoking. While the average smoker could easily develop lung cancer due to excessive smoking, the people around them aren’t that safe either – non-smokers or passive smokers are 20-30% likely to develop lung cancer solely because of the effect smoking has on their lungs!

So next time you’re stuck in a house filled with cigarette or cigar smoke, be quick to get rid of the smoke. But don’t spend endless hours stressing over how you will get the smoke removed: we offer top-of-the-line Cigarette Smoke Removal Services along with Cigar Smoke Cleaning Service.


The Earth Blue System, Houston, TX provides the best smoke removal and cleaning services near you! Our Cigarette Smoke Removal Services can help you get rid of injurious traces of the smoke left behind.

Our technicians are especially trained to give you a healthy environment indoors completely free of smoke!


Nicotine can be a tricky substance to get rid of. While normal cleaning may make you feel like the job’s done, the truth is that Nicotine and Cigarette smoke go deeper than just the surface! The Nicotine Molecules are so small that they can easily penetrate through the surfaces that are usually thought to be solid. This is why a proper Cigarette Smoke Cleaning Service is required for your homes! Our process includes various steps to ensure that your house is smoke and residue-free!

Our technicians will:

  • Remove all the fabrics from your room to start cleaning
  • In cases of larger damage, your walls will be washed with a mixture of water and specialized detergent.
  • The walls should start to bleed out the nicotine soon after the wash.
  • Some damage is large enough to need various applications of the process!


Our state-of-the-art Cigarette and Cigar Smoke Cleaning Services use some of the best technology which includes:

  • Ozone Generators/Machines:
    Ozone Generators or machines are one of the widely used and effective technology used when removing cigarette smoke and residue.
  • Carbon Technology/ Air-Filters:
    Our services use the best carbon air filters since they can easily absorb smoke, and make the air around you clean again!
  • EnviroKlenz Air Purifier:
    Our services in Texas, use the EnviroKlenz Purifier which helps breakdown chemical compounds from the air around you.

Smoke Odor and Smell Removal Service

Removing the smoke is just one part of the job, clearing the house of the smell of cigarette can be even more worrying. Imagine clearing your house of all the smoke but still have a strong smell around the house that no air freshener can help you get rid of.

The smell can be extremely troubling for non-smokers. The overwhelming smell of cigarettes or cigars can linger around in clothes, the sofa fabric, cushions, carpets, curtains, etc. So, if you’re going around looking for someone to help you get rid of the cigarette smell left behind, we can help you out!

Our Smoke Odor Removal Services uses some of the best technology to help you get rid of smoke and its odor. We can help provide you with a 100% smoke odor-free environment!

The Earth Blue System, Texas, has the best technicians lined up for your odor related problems. Using industry-leading technology, we can guarantee 100% odor neutralization, leaving you with a clean, fresh environment.

The Smoke particles are comparatively very tiny, and therefore they often find their way in materials that are porous. These materials include softer clothing, fabrics, and some furnishing. But you don’t need to spend an ample amount of time worrying about how to make your home free of these particles.

If you’re in Houston, TX and looking for someone who can help you clear out the odor, then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with our customer representative and avail Our Smoke Smell Removal Services!

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