Ever spent a long time cleaning your house, and still being unable to get rid of the unpleasant odor. Wasn’t the odor why you started cleaning in the first place? The problem here isn’t in your cleaning effectiveness, but sometimes there is actually nothing that you can do about these odors.

There are times when a house that evidently looks clean and in top-notch condition may still reek of an unpleasant odor! This usually happens when something that is creating the odor goes undiscovered. These odor-generating things might become the biggest worry you have to deal with. So, stop trying to use your everyday cleaning supplies to fight these odors. Instead, get in touch with our Home Odor Removal Service!

Our Household Odor Removal services in Houston, TX are well prepared for anything you throw our way! But before we inform you about our services, it’s important to learn what causes home odor in the first place.


There are various reasons why you might be looking for Home Odor Removal Services right now, some of these reasons include:

  • A fire: If you’ve recently had a house fire, or smoke-related experiences in your house the biggest worry at that moment would’ve been to get the fire extinguisher. However, long after the fire’s gone there’s bound to be a smell that has been left behind. This odor can make breathing difficult. It is advisable to get Residential Odor Removal Services as soon as possible.
  • Water and Mold based Odors: Water damage can happen everywhere. These water damages give way to mold formation and other leakages that might get fixed but leave an unpleasant lingering smell behind. This would be a cause of bigger concern in enclosed apartments. Our Household Odor Removal services along with our Odor Treatment Apartment services in Houston, TX can help you get rid of these odors with ease!
  • Sewage Odor Nobody wants sewage odor lingering behind, in cases where sewage channels erupt and leave behind a smell that nobody can bear – you can place us a call and our technicians will come and help you remove these as soon as possible.


If you’re wondering the exact process we use at the Residential Odor Removal Services then we’ve got the answers for you. Most of our processes are constructed according to the requirement of your home, however, there are a few general steps that we always follow:

  • We provide an onsite consultation! At Earth Blue Systems, Texas we have our odor removing squad sent to your homes to assess the situation. They take out time to determine what the cause of this odor is and the work that it requires. These calculations include determining the time that will be taken, and the amount of work that needs to be done. If you live in an apartment, don’t worry, we’ll send our Odor Treatment Apartment squad your way, too!
  • Providing a Quote and a Plan! Once they have determined the damage, they’ll provide you with a quote and explain the plan of action to you. They will give you a short brief about what caused the odor, how they plan on eradicating it, how much time it will take and so on.
  • Remove the Odor Our technicians will not take too long to provide you an odor-free atmosphere, and you will soon find them hard at work with our proven treatments to eradicate the odors from your home.
  • Project Completion Our job doesn’t just pertain to taking away the odor once, but also to provide you with a long-lasting solution. Our technicians will provide you with a complete report of the project and tips on how to keep your home odor-free!


Our services in Texas have the best odor removing technology in the area! We have:

  • Air Scrubbers
    Our Air scrubbers are using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters that help our technicians remove odors and their particles from your surroundings!
  • Thermal Fog
    This help neutralize the odor, helping to remove the smoke odor around you.
  • Ozone
    Ozone is an oxidizing agent produced with the help of a portable ozone generator.
  • Hydroxly Generators
    These help neutralize the odor, helping to remove the smoke odor around you.
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