Removing Pet Odors from your home!

Pets are a true highlight to your day, and everyone just loves them – but there are times when you have guests coming over that you’re just a little embarrassed by the smell that your pets may have unintentionally caused.

Is your house filled with the putrid smell of pet fur or waste? If you don’t have a pet but still smell a similar pungent smell it may be because a rodent or a stray animal may have snuck into your house. We understand how deeply disturbing these smells can be, but you no longer have to put up with them since we have the perfect solution! At Earth Blue System Texas, we offer Pet Odor Removal services that can easily help you clear your house of these unpleasant odors.


If you haven’t been on a vacation for a long time, or haven’t had guests come over in a while; you might haven’t noticed that there is a specific smell in your house.

All our pets have some kind of odor; since you live around them, you are hardly able to pick it up and it usually goes undetected. Pet odors can be extremely inconvenient, and often embarrassing if an outsider points it out for you. Pet Odors also affect the air quality in your house which may create health issues in the longer run.

However with our Pet Odor removal services in Texas, we can take care of your problems entirely. We have the best technicians that are equipped with some of the best products that can surely remove any kind of pet odor in your house. It could be a strong smell, or a mild one – our technicians make sure we eradicate it completely!

You deserve a loving relationship with your pets without constantly worrying about the smells that they can often leave behind!


Our services are one of the best odor removal services in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas. We manage animal odor with a product designed specially to remove unpleasant and sometimes harmful odors from the premises of your house.

We have the technicians trained to perform services in the most adequate manner. They take the necessary measures to prevent your pets and children from any potential harm that the products could have. You never have to worry about the potential danger that these cleaning services can often impose.

From fur and pet dander to urine deposits – our technicians can handle anything, giving you an odor-free environment in the comfort of your homes!

Did you know?

Our Pet Odor Removal offer the following services:

  • We provide an onsite consultation!
  • Our technicians create a plan suited just for your home needs.
  • Our process are reliable, easy, and extremely quick – so you can have the comfort of your home as soon as possible.
  • The products that we use are safe to be used around pets.
  • We have the most affordable odor removing pricing in Houston, TX and nearby areas.
  • Our odor removal technicians are expert at what they do!
  • We are now Green Home Solutions. Want to visit the new site.