Mold Removal Services

Every house experiences pipeline breaking at some point. Pipeline breakages often lead to leaks; water is the basic cause of mold formation. If your pipelines are wet, there is bound to be a mold build-up soon enough.

Mold can take up to 48 hours to start building up again. It is a type of fungus that can live almost anywhere – whether indoors, or outdoors. The main reason for molds to exist is the availability of moisture in the environment, this makes any kind of water leakage a hazard. Whether your roof is leaking, or there is too much humidity you should be careful of molds around you.

It is important that the mold may be removed as soon as you spot it, letting it grow will only make it difficult to remove. Instead of worrying about how to do it yourself, try our Mold removal services in Houston, TX.

Our experts use various Removal techniques, but one of the widely accepted on is the Mold Ozone Shock Treatment that ensures the removal of mold from within your household.


There are various reasons why mold might start building up; the biggest, however, remains moisture. Here are a few reasons why mold builds up.

  • Humidity:
    Where there is moisture, there is mold. In an area like Houston, TX where there is a huge chance of rain, the human is usually high. Humid climates help foster the mold, and therefore you will find that in such areas molds are more actively present as compared to other dry areas.
  • Pipeline Leakage:
    We often experience pipelines breaking, and then leaking for a while. In such cases, the possibility of mold forming on these pipelines is greater.
  • Roof Leakages:
    Roof leakages usually happen in apartments, and therefore it is common to see molds form in corners of the wall and ceiling. It is important to have mold removal services take care of your situation instead of letting it prolong!
  • Lack of Sunlight:
    There are often areas in the house that have limited or no exposure to sunlight, in rooms or parts of the houses where sunlight can’t reach, mold is likely to form and grow. It is advisable to opt for our services to get a house free of mold and other bacteria build up.


Our Mold Removal processes at the Earth Blue System Texas uses plant-based products that work effectively and quickly to provide a mold-free environment around the house.

One of our services includes the Mold Ozone Shock Treatment. This process includes the running of the ozone generator to emit a shock treatment to kill mold and mildew also making sure to remove the Mold smell. The shock treatment is essential because it helps remove the mold and its odor in damp environments where it is little or no air circulation.

Our services are specially designed to cater to your household needs. The Shock Treatment may take a little longer but is more effective in terms of treatment.

The Earth Blue System, Texas, offers services to provide you with a safe and healthy environment within your home!

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