Car Mold and Odor Removal Service


We spend so much of our time in our cars, that there is bound to be some sort of odors present. Between dropping the children to school, bring them back, heading to work and coming back a lot of things occur that could end up in creating the odors. Most of the daily activities can create an odor within your vehicle. These activities include perspiration, dirt, pet odors, liquids being spilled, smoke odor, mold or mildew, and a lot more things in our daily routine that we might not take a notice of.

The bacteria build-up causes these odors and you can hardly get rid of them with simple shampoos, chemicals, or perfumes. If they are left unattended, the smell can become extremely toxic.

Instead of worrying and trying to fix it yourself, avail our Car Odor Removal Services to get rid of the smell in your cars!


There are various reasons why a car may have started stinking, some of these reasons include:

  • Spilled Liquids
    We have all been in the car early in the morning, or too late in the night when we resorted to driveway food. We prefer to eat in the car, it’s just comforting, but we often don’t look too closely when we accidentally spill food and only remove it from the surface. The residue might let bacteria build up and create an unpleasant odor in your car. If you have children, then spilled food is the norm. We can help you remove these smells effectively!
  • Post The Flood
    For a place like Houston, TX, floods are a constant occurrence, so if you live in Houston or nearby places it is likely that you will receive a lot of rain. Cars often become an easy target since they’re out in the rain usually unprotected. The flood can leave behind a strong smell which is due to mold build-up or bacteria that festers in stagnant water or wet car mats. Our Car Mold Removal Services can help you in removing any traces of mold from the interior of your car.
  • Smoking
    People who smoke, often believe that opening a window could easily let the smoke out, however that is not always the case. Smoke builds up in the car could lead to the air inside your car becoming polluted and become hazardous in the long run. Our technicians can help you get rid of the smoke odor from your car.
  • Hazardous Spills
    A strong odor doesn’t always have to be about spilled food or bacteria – sometimes it’s a dangerous sign. The Odor could have happened because of battery acids, gases, kerosene or other hazardous liquids spilling. Before things get out of control, it is advisable that you bring your car to our Car Odor Removal Services in Texas to get the best results!

Car Detailing Odor removal and Ozone Treatment 250

In addition to our services, we also offer Car Detailing Odor Removal services. It isn’t always easy to get rid of unpleasant odors from the interior of your car, however, we provide this service with great precision and detail in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas.

One of the most widely used tactics by the car owners to get rid of the smell is to spray easily available commercial odor controls which masks the smell for a while, but doesn’t really do an everlasting job. Car Detailing Odor Removal services are designed especially to help you get rid of your car odor for a longer time so that you can enjoy a fresh ride, no matter where you go.

We are one of the best car detailing ozone treatment experts operating in Texas who help remove odors from your car without any hazardous aftereffects for you and your family. Our Ozone treatment is used to target specific areas with high-powered spraying to remove deep-rooted problems that cause odor inside your cars in the first place.

Get in touch with our representative and avail our Car Detailing Ozone Treatment to have your car smell fresh again!

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