Safely eliminate 99.9% of indoor toxins, smoke pets of food odors, bacteria, and viruses in homes, hotels, businesses, apartments, automobiles and facilities.

Eliminate smoke, pet odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, sanitize your air and breathe healthier!
Nasty Odors in rooms, air ducts, furniture, and Carpet Can be Removed without the high cost of remodeling!
Total Mold Remediation may not be Necessary. Don't Renovate when we can Ozonate!
YOU can Offer a Lower Price on Stinky Houses, then have us Ozonate!

Auto Dealers & Owners

  • Ozone has been proven to eliminate unpleasant odors. Quickly remove musty, smoke, and other tough smells.,
  • See what experts in the car detailing business say: Ridding Cars of Odor Problems.
  • Police and Emergency vehicles use it to remove odor, bacteria, and viruses to keep the law enforcement personnel healthy.


  • Sanitize, remove odors and freshen carpets, furniture, drapery while eliminating pests and bed bugs. Save thousands on replacements.


  • Sanitize your units for tenants and avoid costly carpet replacement due to lingering odors, chemical-free. We eliminate pet odors, cigar & cigarette odors, cooking odors, you name it.
  • In event of a fire & smoke damage, we can treat the units affected by the smoke and safe you time and tenants by removing the smoke odor from walls, furniture, clothing, carpet, cabinets, bedding, etc.

Real Estate

  • Freshen your vacant and foreclosure properties to get them sold or rented fast. We provide a safe alternative that will leave your properties odor, bacteria, mold and pest free.

Restaurants & Cafeterias

  • Safely sanitize your establishment without excess down time or removing your stock. Ozone is safe for treatment around food products and kitchen ware.

Health Facilities

  • Health care providers can rest assured that we can remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from all surfaces, improving the quality of care they provide.

Recreation Centers

  • Workout equipment and machines can be a breeding spot for toxins. Make your facility a “healthy” place to visit by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Schools & Day Cares

  • Keep your students safe by sanitizing your facility with a chemical-free, non-toxic system that kills 3000 times faster than bleach. Perfect for toys and surfaces!

Businesses & County Buildings

  • Cut down on absences and employee sick days by maintaining a healthy, sanitized retail or work environment.

Remove Smoke Odor

  • As the fires subsided in homes, people have found that even though the smoke has gone away, the smoke odor has not. It was embedded in the carpet, on the walls, in the upholstered furniture and in the drapes.
  • The only viable solution is to treat these smoke problems by using an ozone generator in the affected room for a few hours – or even over night.

Odor Control for Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup

  • With all of the new problems we face everyday, crime and trauma scene cleanup has become a new and very important need in our society. With this need comes the need to go beyond a mop and bucket. Even after the scene has been cleaned up, there is still the need for odor removal, as well as airborne and microscopic pathogen removal. Ozone generators have been used for years to deal with these problems.
  • There are courses given in crime and trauma scene cleanup that recommend the use of ozone generators.
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