Independent lab tests were conducted by ABC Research Corporation. The tests results are as follows:

Report Summary

There was progressive inactivation efficacy with increasing exposure times to ozone. For dry bacteria there was at least a one log unit (or >90%) reduction evidenced for all treatment times. For bacteria in a wet environment, there was at least a one log unit (or >90%) reduction observed after 60 min. or more of treatment. The 8 hour ozone treatment was extremely effective for all bacteria in a dry or wet environment. There was no surviving bacteria of any type detected after the 8 hr. ozone treatment in dry or wet environments with reductions ranging from > 7.74 to >8.94 log-units in the wet environment. The was no surviving Stachybotrys chartarum detected in a wet environment after the 30 and 60 min. ozone treatments with a >4.45 log unit reduction observed.

Proven Lab Results

Laboratory reports have demonstrate the following disinfection rates: Stachybotrys Chartarum (Black Mold) 99.996% within 60 minutes (wet or dry) Anthrax 99.996% within 24 hours E coli >99.997% within 24 hours Salmonella >99.999993% within 24 hours Listeria > 99.99994% within 24 hours Staphylococcus > 99.999996% within 24 hours.

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