Our Process

The Earth Blue Systems Technician will:

  • Check to see that the HVAC filter has been pulled and set your thermostat to the appropriate setting. Be sure new filters are available to install when the treatment process is complete.
  • Check to make sure all cabinet doors, drawers, and closet doors are open, and that seat cushions and mattresses are not covered.
  • Post "DO NOT ENTER" Signs and emergency call numbers at all entrances.
  • Ensure ALL PEOPLE, PETS, and PLANTS have been REMOVED.
  • Ensure that the property owner closes and secures all entrances.

To receive maximum benefits

  • Open all cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Close all windows.
  • Open all closet doors.
  • Set all cushions, pillows and mattresses uncovered.

Day of Service

A service technician will meet the property owner to gain entrance to the home and will remain until the setup is complete. Setup time is typically 45-60 minutes but can vary somewhat.

After Service

  • Homeowner should have two new high efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters - merv 8 or higher.
  • Place one new filter in the HVAC system and exchange it with the second filter after 3 days.
  • Change filters every 30 days thereafter.
  • Vacuum floors and furniture with HEPA vacuum cleaner or schedule a professional cleaning service.
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